Slenderman 1125272
Slender Man
 is the main antagonist of the 2018 supernatural horror film of the same name and an Internet Horror Creepypasta Meme

  • He is One of The Main Antagonists in Minecraft Rogers's ROBLOX Slender Series and The Second Main Antagonist in the Other Series and The Main Antagonist in Minecraft Rogers's ROBLOX The Guide of The Realm Episode 1 and the movie, but in the Reboot Version of Slender Man's Revenge, it'll be much longer than the first one and he'll be Part of the Acro Universe Series
  • He is Zalgo's Main Member and his Duo is The Midnight Man.
  • He Made his Debut in an old roleplay called "A Holiday House" as The Main Antagonist, he will be the next Overall Main Antagonist as the Bigger Bad in Sunset and Rogers's Roleplay 2018 series and He will Be The Main Antagonist in ZT2 Lost Tapes Revelations Movie and the upcoming story for the movie on deviantart known to be called "Tulpa: A Slenderman Story".
  • Sorry to hear that the movie was critically panned, but i don't care if the movie is going to be good or bad, cause still, i haven't seen it, so here is a big boom 🖕🖕 to the negative reviews

Fun Facts

  • Did you know that he can cause everyone to have "Slender Sickness" which they might end up having Amnesia and Nausea (NOTE: Slender Sickness is not a real illness, seriously, it's not real so don't worry, it's all base in the slenderverse, not in real life)...
  • Also for the movie, he is Not really Base in slender games, he is originaly made by the user from something awful forms, Eric Knudsen (AKA Victor Surge) which he created the slender man since 2009 before they made games and creepypasta stories about him.
  • Did you know that he is an SCP by the fans of SCP Containment breach, he is known to be SCP-582
  • In his Upcoming movie, there is another title translated as "Slender Man: Nightmare Without A Face" in Portuguese