Pirate Captain
The Pirate Captain is the main protagonist of The Pirates: Band of Misfits. He was voiced by Hugh Grant.  The Pirate Captain is the captain of his boat, he's got The crew, he's got The bird he's got the beard, there's only one thing he has not got. The pirate of the year award. He has failed so many times before so he figured that this year he is going to win. But, everyone laughs at him when he says he'll win pirate of the year because he has no chance compared to his pirate enemys Peg-Leg Hastings, the beautiful Cutlass Liz and his overall worse enemy Black Bellamy who has won the pirate of the year award continuously over the past years. But the pirate captain is determined to win this time, but when he gets no gold after trying lots of ships he feels like a failier but by the help of his helpful First mate number two he trys again, and then when he trys he gos onto a scientist exebitions boat and meets scintist Charles Darwin, he tells the pirate captain some news about his 'parrot' Polly

His Crew

Pirate Crew

  • They're One Of The Heroes of Robloxia