Drako is a red Asiatic style dragon and an enemy of the Turtles and - in particular - of Splinter. He was once one of the most feared fighters of the Battle Nexus. That is until Splinter defeated him. Later on he comes back for revenge on Splinter. He also wants the Daimyo's War Staff. This character was created for the 2003 animated series.

  • He Murdered Nicodemus
  • He is Fiver's 1st Arch Enemy
  • He Is The Leader of The Villains
  • His Children is Django, And Fucsia
  • His Wife is Belladonna from All Dogs Go To Heaven
  • In Sunset and Rogers's Roleplay Series, He is One of The Main Antagonists in 2015-2017 Turned Into the True Main Antagonist in 2017, December. which the remaining question is. who is going to be one of the new main villains in the 2018 series, which he will be a posthumous antagonist in the 2018 and throughout the year.