Dr Nefarious
Doctor Nefarious was a robotic scientist who hated organic life forms. He was the archenemy of so-called "superhero" Captain Qwark, and later also became the nemesis of Ratchet and Clank. Nefarious originally plotted to turn all organisms in the Solana Galaxy into robots. He was eventually defeated, but survived. Years later he began a new plan to gain control of time itself and remake history. He was again defeated, retreating into hiding after being rescued by his servant, Lawrence. He was then searched for all throughout the Polaris Galaxy by Galactic President Qwark (who took a great deal of credit for his defeat despite not being of much help to Ratchet and Clank). He later was forced to team up with Ratchet, Clank and Qwark in order to escape Magnus, and later stop the Loki Master from using Ephemeris to destroy the universe.

  • He Creates Nightmare, Phantom, and Withered Animatronic's for Springtrap's Army
  • He and The Springtrap Gang are The Recurring Villains in Sunset and Rogers's Roleplay Series