Cream the Rabbit is one of the main characters in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. Though she is not as active as many other characters, she presents her own talents in the anime.

  • Her Cousins are Tails, Sonic, Scootaloo, Abbie Lola, Bask Night, Sunglow, David and Screwball, Clara, Carla and Jaden (OC)
  • She's Fiver and Heather's Daughter
  • Her Best Friends are Sci-Twi (Pony) and Star Butterfly
  • She Loves Thumper
  • Her Favourite Uncle and Aunt is Rogers and Sunset
  • Her Godfather is Pythor, Her Godmother is Viper, Her God brothers is Spry and Fang. And Finally her God sister is Hydrangea
  • In Her Dragon form her adopted parents are Cyrena and Mouhamad Bassal (Anacondrai)